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Episode 2

Accessing the Data with Christina Noren, Interana

About The Episode

In this episode, we speak with Christina Noren, Chief Product Officer at Interana, about the importance of data, and how Product Managers can access it.

We also delve into the world of automation and scaling, which Christina is putting into place as Interana continues to grow.

Who Should Listen?

This episode is perfect for product managers who want more control over the data and need to convince their companies to let them have access.

People who are in the process of scaling their company will also find this episode useful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why now is the perfect time to automate processes;

  • Why product teams need to be data-informed and not data-driven;

  • The importance of strong links between Support, Success, and Product teams;

  • How PMs can take control of the data and use it themselves.

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