Still using gut decisions to build your SaaS business?

Grow faster with Receptive's insights into product demand from your customers, team & the market

Receptive’s solution for SaaS companies is built on four core principles. Helping you focus on what to build next with your customers and team in mind.

1. Data

All of your product feedback in one channel; prioritized for you.


2. Communication & Transparency

Close the loop via email and messaging notifications, self-service portal, roadmaps, and release logs.


3. Segmentation.

Learn what each segment of your customers, teams, and prospects want and why they want it.

Receptive integrates with Zendesk, Jira, Zapier and Salesforce

4. Automation

Get your product team out of the day to day management of product feedback.

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Portrait of Matt Warren - Veequo

“Allowing our customers to influence our roadmap has helped us gain new customers and reduce churn, and will have a good long-term impact on our growth.”

- Matt Warren, Founder & CEO, Veeqo
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portrait of Josh Willits

Our customers LOVE that we use Receptive to manage feature requests because they know their voice is being heard. Receptive has helped us raise the engagement level of our users, one of the most important aspects of a growing SaaS company.”

- Josh Willits, Portal
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Emeric Ernoult - Agora Pulse

“We chose Receptive to manage our feature requests for three reasons: customers were asking for features all over the place and we had no way to manage them, we found that customers weren't finding the features they requested if we didn't tell them at launch, & the transparency of the roadmap in Receptive gets our customers excited & involved in what we're doing”

- Emeric Ernoult, CEO AgoraPulse
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Matt Lanham - Gecko Labs

“As a fast-growing SaaS business, we can't afford to waste time or money building features that don't add value to our product. Before Receptive our feature backlog was unstructured and disorganised. Now we can see what features are most valuable and work on those”

- Matt Lanham, CEO, Gecko Labs