Still using gut decisions to build your SaaS business?

Grow faster with Receptive's insights into feature demand from your customers & team


Get all customer & team feature requests in one place. Replace your stale backlog list with a dynamic, prioritised view of demand.


Learn what features are important to different customer segments, and what matters to your team.


Control competing & conflicting influences on your product direction. Use data to ensure time & resources are aligned with strategy.

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“Allowing our customers to influence our roadmap has helped us gain new customers and reduce churn, and will have a good long-term impact on our growth” Case study.

Matt Warren, Founder & CEO, Veeqo
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“We chose Receptive to manage our feature requests for three reasons: customers were asking for features all over the place and we had no way to manage them, we found that customers weren't finding the features they requested if we didn't tell them at launch, & the transparency of the roadmap in Receptive gets our customers excited & involved in what we're doing” Case study

“As a fast-growing SaaS business, we can't afford to waste time or money building features that don't add value to our product. Before Receptive our feature backlog was unstructured and disorganised. Now we can see what features are most valuable and work on those”

How it Works

Customer experience

Gather feature requests from customers

  • Your customers browse feature ideas, vote & add their own ideas
  • Receptive auto-suggests matches from existing features
  • Customers self-serve — no new login required
  • Automatically email customers as you release features

Work on what matters

Learn customer priorities

  • Your customers dial-in priorities with our unique sliders. What is a real headache? What is just a nice-to-have?
  • Know what is important to your customers from trial, through adoption & account growth
  • Eliminate stale feature data held in spreadsheets, emails & to-do lists — get real-time knowledge
  • Get smart insights about what is really going to help your customers and accelerate your growth. You can't get this from dumb voting systems

Communicate plans & progress

Keep everyone updated

  • Auto-email feature progress updates to customers & team
  • Show your official response on every request, so customers & team know what the status is of every feature (reducing repetitive work)
  • Send personalised feature update emails to thousands of customers with one click
  • Collaborate with customers & team — discover the why for each feature and build the right thing, first time
Notifying a list of customers that a feature they care about is now being built

All feature ideas & analytics in one place

  • Get a simple workflow for feature requests that everyone can use
  • Bring your team together in one place — unify product discussion & analytics

Share roadmap & release logs

  • Show customers & team what is planned & what you are building now
  • Share your roadmap internally, with customers or on the web
  • Reassure triallers & customers that your product is actively developing
  • Flag features as private, use the Receptive workflow with your team & announce features to your customers when you are ready
Roadmap listing features that are being developed and are planned for a SaaS product

Reporting & Analytics

Screenshot of Receptive's SmartList report - the most valuable features according to your SaaS customers

Analyse feature demand across your business

  • Learn which features are most valuable to your customers
  • Drill down into user & account priorities
  • See the difference between popular & valuable features
  • Segment feedback from high value & low value customers
  • Separate triallers and freemium from paying customers
  • Compare what customers & internal team want
  • Customise and share reports

Effort v value prioritisation

  • Easily dial-in development estimates
  • Pick off the high-value quick wins
  • Focus on strategic projects that build the most value in your SaaS product
  • Ignore distracting low-value projects
  • Back up your prioritisation decisions with data
Screenshot of Receptive's effort value chart

Internal stakeholder features

Product intelligence from your whole team

  • Reveal product insights from all your teams: sales, customer success, product management and leadership
  • Your team suggest & mark features as wanted / not wanted
  • Mark features as private so they are hidden from customers
  • Compare internal and customer priorities
  • Drill down to see priorities at team level

Integration: how it works


To manage feature requests from your team just invite them & they can start suggesting & prioritising immediately.

For customer requests, paste our JavaScript snippet into your app & add a "Suggest a Feature" link or button. Installation docs

Now your customers can jump into your Receptive account (without a user-name or password) — single sign on as standard.

Connect Receptive to 400+ apps

Fire feature requests and status changes into your existing tools including Slack, Jira & Trello with our Zapier integration.

It was extremely easy to integrate; it was copy & paste & took 15 minutes

Mitch Bryson - Product Designer

How to buy

We charge your subscription monthly to your card.

Annual invoicing is available on the Pro plan & higher. See plans.

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