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Still using gut decisions to build your SaaS business? Gather prioritized feedback from your customers, teams and the market - all in one place. Understand what really matters to your business and customers.

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Receptive has been acquired by Pendo.

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Centralize Your Feedback

Get all your product feedback & feature requests from customers (and team) in one place. Receptive is the company-wide solution that helps customer-facing, sales, PM & leadership teams build great SaaS businesses.
Centralize feedback
Understand whats important

Understand What's Important

Receptive's powerful reporting lets you analyze what customers of different sizes and in different markets are asking for. Need to know what mid-size automotive industry customers in the Eastern US need? We can answer that.

No More Black Hole of Feedback

Stop losing product feedback & feature requests from your customers & internal stakeholders. Keep everyone aligned. Automate status updates & reduce customer support workload.

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Bulk send emails to update your users
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The CEO Dashboard shows you the time and money you save with Receptive.

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Pain-free Customer Insights with Receptive

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We speak your language! You can now translate Receptive into French.

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Trusted by SaaS companies across the globe

Emeric Ernoult - Agora Pulse
“The transparency of the roadmap in Receptive gets our customers excited & involved in what we're doing” - Emeric Ernoult, CEO, AgoraPulse

“We chose Receptive to manage our feature requests for three reasons: Customers were asking for features all over the place and we had no way to manage them. We found that customers weren't finding the features they requested if we didn't tell them at launch, & the transparency of the roadmap in Receptive gets our customers excited & involved in what we're doing”

Remi Allegre - SalesScreen
“They have taken a deep dive into what REALLY makes customer feedback challenging to handle, and executed beautifully.” Remi Allegre, COO, SalesScreen

“Receptive has not only avoided the trap of building a do-it-all product but based on my research they built a whole new category of must-have product for any SaaS company: Product Demand Intelligence.”

Josh Willits, VP Dealer Happiness
“As soon as we integrated with Receptive it was much easier to hear our customer's collective voice.” Josh Willits, VP Dealer Happiness, Portal, by SupplyStream

“Our customers LOVE that we use Receptive to manage feature requests because they know their voice is being heard. Receptive has helped us raise the engagement level of our users, one of the most important aspects of a growing SaaS company.”

Matthew Lanham, GeckoLabs
“Before Receptive our feature backlog was unstructured and disorganised. Now we can see what features are most valuable and work on those.” Matt Lanham, CEO, GeckoLabs

“Receptive has a genius system of pulling together feedback from customers and internal teams to create a roadmap that everyone is happy with. I know we're making money with Receptive because we're working on features that move our business forward.”

Brandon Taylor - Onebridge
“Receptive lets you follow a lean development model, spend more time focused on developing your solution rather than managing it.” Brandon Taylor, CTO, OneBridge

“... and most importantly delivering features your customers want! It's the future of managing software development.”

Chris Snell, Product Manager, Firefly Learning
“It's unheard of for a brand new system and workflow to actually make our lives easier day to day” Chris Snell, Product Manager, Firefly Learning

“I've had a lot of great feedback from the team about Receptive. It's unheard of for a brand new system and workflow to actually make our lives easier day to day.”

Christian Hoogerheyde, Product Manager, Socrata
“The tool has simplified life for Socrata’s Product team, and has shown the rest of the company that the Product team takes their feedback seriously” Christian Hoogerheyde, Product Manager, Socrata

“Socrata is proud to use Receptive.io for collecting, triaging, and managing internal feature requests.”

“We were in search of a product that could help us streamline all this information .... It’s really helped us manage that process” Joey Marchy, Product Manager, SS&C Advent Black Diamond

“The user experience is very intuitive so there were no questions basically from our clients. We have been getting a lot of good feedback from our clients saying how they really love the ability to, when they submit an idea, be able to see it, know that it’s been received and tracked, be able to prioritize it, and they can come back and reprioritize it anytime. They really love that aspect of it.”

“ We like to listen to our users and Receptive has really increased that. ” Melanie Walker, Product Owner & QA Manager, Magnus Health

“Our client base love Receptive because they’re able to see that we’re listening to them and to their needs and wants. Being able to provide a platform for them to discuss what other people are doing in the industry that they’re in and seeing what other people need or if they have a work around that they’re actively using has been phenomenal.”

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Industry leading customer success

Our customer success programs are the best in the industry. We work with your team to ensure a great rollout & ongoing success for everyone, from first demo all the way through ROI reporting for your CEO.

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