How Beatroot Saved 50 Hours a Month on Feedback Management with Receptive

Beatroot recently started saving 50 hours a month across their teams by using Receptive to manage their customer feedback.

Beatroot Music are a SaaS platform designed to help record labels and music licensing agencies to creatively manage their assets and win licensing opportunities.

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The Problem

Beatroot were using a combination of spreadsheets, Trello, email, and Github to manage any feedback they received.

They soon found that this method was extremely inefficient, leading to a lot of wasted time and a lot of lost ideas and feature requests.

Even more time was spent on collecting priorities, forcing them to ignore smaller accounts, and quickly become out of touch with the latest needs and wants of their customers.

The Solution

Beatroot now use Receptive, allowing their customers and team members to add feature requests and prioritize others. Customers review their priorities regularly so Beatroot have up to date reports and data.

Once a week, leaders from both their customer team and product team meet and review any requests.

screenshot of Beatroot's dashboards

As features are released or updated, all of the appropriate customers are notified instantly, through an automatic notification.

The Results

Beatroot had a long list of “backburner” features that they were planning to build at some point but weren’t necessarily priorities. But once they used Receptive, they could see that some of these backburners were considered to be priorities by their customers. As a result, they ended up rewriting 50% of their roadmap to include these features.

“We’re currently building a large feature that we hadn’t ever planned on building, until we opened up Receptive. Right away all of our customers voted for it and put it in their top three priorities, even though not one customer mentioned this to us on the phone, in face-to-face meetings, through support, or via email.

Our only regret is that we didn’t have Receptive sooner - knowing that this feature was important to all of our customers from day one would have saved us so much time!”

- Sabine Douglas, Beatroot

Beatroot also closed a major deal, stealing an account from under their competitor’s nose, by showing them their Receptive dashboard, complete with release log and roadmap.

Finally, Beatroot calculated that they had saved around 50 hours a month across their sales, support, management, and product teams, thanks to Receptive’s automatic handling of most of the day-to-day tasks.

Time savings by Sales, Support, Management, and Product teams:

Task Weekly Time Saving
Collecting feature requests from customers 4-5 hours/week
Organizing features, going through feature backlogs 2 hours/week
Preparing reports 3 hours/week
Sending out customer updates 2 hours/week

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