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How Much Time Can You Really Save with Receptive?

One of the key benefits of Receptive is that it helps you to save a lot of time spent doing manual tasks.

So, we delved into the data to see just how much time our customers were saving with Receptive and to see if our claim holds up.

Spoiler: It does.

Who Won? Q1?

The first few months after purchasing a product are perhaps the most important in terms of deciding whether it was worth the cost.

We’ve always said that part of what makes Receptive great is that you can start seeing value right from the moment you start using it.

We began our foray into the data by taking a look at the average amount of time our customers saved in their first quarter with Receptive.

Just a quick side-note, we work out time saved based on various “actions” that happen in Receptive.

For example, when a customer submits a request in Receptive, that prevents a conversation with your customer-facing teams, and so we produced a conservative estimate of 15 minutes saved per request.

Other examples of actions include when a customer prioritizes feedback, or when an email is automatically sent out from Receptive.

So, we looked at the average amount of time saved by our customers, and well, it was pretty impressive.

On average companies saved 239 hours in the first three months of using Receptive.

That’s almost 80 hours a month. That’s a lot of time their customer-facing teams could spend on actually helping their customers.

The First Year is the Deepest

It’s clear that Receptive can start saving you time right from the get-go, but do those time savings continue as time goes on?

The way Receptive works is that it automates your feedback process, and the idea is that it should save more and more time as you accelerate your feedback process.

With that in mind, we would guess that our customers would save more and more hours as time goes on.

Well, we found exactly that.

Here are the average time savings for Receptive customers:

Q1 ——— 239 hours.

Q2 ——— 304 hours.

Q3 ——— 345 hours.

Q4 ——— 372 hours.


As you can see, our customers are saving more and more time with each passing quarter.

In total, companies save an average of 1,260 hours in their first year of using Receptive.

That works out at around 100 hours a month.

Back to the Future

We were pretty pleased with those numbers, but we were also curious to see whether those time savings continue long after that first year. We liked to think that would be the case.

So we skipped ahead to the eighth quarter after first getting started with Receptive, the final quarter of Year 2.

We found that our customers saved an average of 650 hours in the eighth quarter of using Receptive.

Or, 216 hours a month. Impressive, right?

No? How about 5 whole days a month? Now we’re talking.

Here’s how the time savings look for the first two years…



Of course, time savings are all well and good, but business is all about the money.

We’re so confident that Receptive will save you time (and therefore money) that we have a dashboard in Receptive that shows you your ROI.

It breaks down the time and cost savings, and then works out your ROI.

Now, we aren’t really supposed to divulge that sort of information, but what we can tell you is that a lot of our customers see an ROI of over 1000%.

If that sounds too good to be true, then why not Learn more for yourself?

Think of all the time you could be saving.