5 Reasons Why Receptive is the Best Alternative to Aha! for B2B SaaS

If you're looking for an alternative to Aha!, you've come to the right place. Here are five simple reasons you should choose Receptive instead...

Aha! is a great tool for roadmapping, but that’s only one part of product feedback management.

Receptive brings data to your roadmapping decisions and creates beautiful roadmaps to share with your stakeholders.

If you need a thorough and comprehensive solution, you will need an Aha! alternative.

Here’s why…

1- Leading B2B SaaS Companies use Receptive to Build Winning Products

While Aha! caters for anybody and everybody who may want to create a product roadmap, Receptive has been built from the ground up specifically for B2B SaaS companies like yours.

This focused approach means we have a product that just works. We know what B2B SaaS product teams want to know, and so we can help you surface that information.

We focus in on what you really need from your product feedback solution, whether it’s Receptive itself, or our best practices, content, and world-class Customer Success service.

2 - Voting Doesn’t Work - Prioritization Does

Aha! has a portal that enables customers to submit their own ideas and vote on those submitted by others. While this gives a bit of information for your product team to work with, it’s not nearly enough and it can often lead you down the wrong path.

What if, for example, users simply vote for all of the ideas, or at least a lot of them? How do you know which features they want the most? How do you know what is a deal-breaker vs a nice-to-have? What if free triallers are up-voting ideas and features that your best customers don’t care about?


With Receptive, your customers will prioritize their requirements and pain points ongoing. They’re unable to say that everything is a priority so you know exactly what they want the most and how their priorities change over time. Your product teams will use the data with confidence.

3 - Dive Into Your Data - Never Waste Time Building the Wrong Things

There’s no point in collecting all this data if you can’t analyze it effectively. Aha! offers very little in the way of reporting.

B2B SaaS businesses need an alternative to Aha! because they need to be able to segment their data and understand not just what matters to each user, but what is important to different customer accounts, internal teams and prospects too.

Receptive’s reporting offers a comprehensive way of diving into your data, allowing you to segment the data in the way that your business needs. For example, you can segment feedback by company size, customer type, value, location, industry, product area, and so much more.

This allows your product teams to be focussed and if you’re a SaaS leader, you can be confident that precious time and resources are being spent in areas that really count.

4 - Gain a Competitive Advantage with the Ultimate Customer Experience

The only way users will leave you feedback is if you engage them. With Aha!, the only way to do that is to manually send out emails or social media posts.

This means that it can take a lot of time and effort to get your users on board with providing feedback, especially if you are operating at scale or are an Enterprise company.


Receptive gets rid of the black hole of product feedback and gives your customers a market-leading experience. It enables you to send engagement emails with a few clicks and keeps users updated every step of the way. These emails are personalized to each person, showing them their current priorities and other ideas they might be interested in too.

5 - Receptive is a Feedback & Roadmapping Solution for the Whole Business

Aha! is priced by the number of team members who are given access because it’s a roadmapping tool for product teams. If you want visibility across the organization, you either have to limit how many employees have access, or you have to pay a lot of money.

Restricting access like this can reduce efficiency and lead to some team members not being in the loop. This means more time and effort spent sharing the data around your organization and people feeling like they are missing out.

Receptive is a solution for the whole business. As well as advanced roadmapping capabilities, you can bring transparency and communication to your organization.