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On demand webinar: Roadmap poison - The wrong priorities

We're kicking off our new, 2018 webinar series this month all about Roadmap Poison - things that can stop you working on the right features & improvements in your SaaS products.

First up - a very hot topic - prioritization

Simply fill in the form to discover all this great information in this webinar and a ton of free resources too:

  • Why prioritization is key to product success;
  • What we found out about how SaaS companies prioritize today;
  • The 3 Ps of Prioritization - Plan / People / Process;
  • Why every SaaS business needs a Product Feedback Policy;
  • Best practices for prioritization of feature requests, improvements and bug fixes in your SaaS product;
  • How to create a balanced, powerful roadmap that drives the growth of your organization
  • Who should watch this webinar?

    Anyone working on a SaaS product; big or small.

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