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Guest webinar: How to grow your SaaS by saying "no" to feature requests

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Feature Request: Apple should color match all accessories for space gray products in black.

This was posted last October in 9TO5Mac and is according to Buzzsumo the most shared article around feature requests last year.

The comments in that post divides the people from wanting white accessories or preferring black. Should you offer both? Or just one colour? Should you say yes to all requests? How to choose what is best for your customers AND your business?

If you are struggling with prioritizing feature requests, check out the webinar I’m organising with the SaaS Revolution Club on Wednesday, the 7th of March. RSVP link in first comment.

You’ll learn:

  • Why saying “yes” to all feature requests never makes anyone happy (not even your customers!)
  • The secret life of feature requests
  • How to delight your customers by saying “no” to feature requests.

Speakers: Hannah Chaplin is the CEO & Co-Founder at Receptive. She has worked with hundreds of B2B SaaS companies; helping them harness feedback from their customers, teams and the market.

Joe Daniels is Head of Content at Receptive and recently published a book: Two Ears, One Mouth - The Guide to Customer Feedback in SaaS.