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Flight Plan: The Receptive Workflow for Analysts

Our previous webinar covered The Receptive Workflow and introduced the various roles who will be working with Receptive.

One of the roles we introduced was the “Receptive Analyst”. This is anyone who needs to use the data you collect with Receptive to understand what people want from your product.

This webinar will help Analysts figure out the best Receptive reports to use, whether they work in Product, CS, Sales, or Leadership.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use basic and advanced reporting features.

  • How tagging can help you decide what to build next.

  • How to decide and communicate what you’re building.

  • Best practices around making sense of your feedback and how requests (should) change over time.

  • Common misunderstandings and potential workarounds.

Who should watch?

Receptive Champions and Analysts, as well as anyone who wants to figure out what people want from your product.