5 Reasons Why Receptive is the Best Alternative to Uservoice for B2B SaaS

If you're looking for a Uservoice alternative, you've come to the right place. Here are five simple reasons you should choose Receptive instead...

1. Built Specifically for B2B SaaS

While UserVoice tries to cater for anybody and everybody, Receptive has been built from the ground up specifically for B2B SaaS companies like yours.

“Uservoice was nice, but didn’t have the native integration with Salesforce - nor did it seem to be oriented towards B2B SaaS needs.” -* Aaron Rothschild, Director of Product Management at Influitive.*

We focus in on what you really need from your product feedback solution, from the product itself to our best practices, content and world class Customer Success service.

2. Learn What Your Customers Really Need

UserVoice’s voting system limits the extent to which customers can prioritize, meaning you don’t know what they want or when they change their mind. It’s also focussed around feature requests and not problems that need to be solved.

Receptive allows your customers to refine and update their priorities ongoing, ensuring you know what are just “nice-to-haves” and what are “deal-breakers”. You design your own feedback form so you can capture pain points and be safe in the knowledge that your product team is getting the information they need to create the right solutions.


3. Designed for the Whole Organization

UserVoice is often adopted by the product team and nobody else. It soon finds itself forgotten and making no organizational impact leaving your teams frustrated and your customers feeling like their feedback has disappeared into a blackhole.

Receptive is a solution for your whole company, enabling each and every team member to view, submit & prioritize feedback and feature requests. Your whole organization will benefit by working on solutions to the problems that are aligned with your company strategy and have the biggest impact on your users.

4. All of the Insights, None of the Work

UserVoice is a manual system, meaning you end up spending even more time and energy trying to sort through the feedback and communicating to customers.

Receptive automates the mundane tasks like de-duplication and keeping roadmaps updated so that you can focus on the product, while automatically keeping your teams and customers in the loop. See what matters to big customer vs small, free triallers or churned users in just one-click with our powerful insights.


5. Scale Up Your Business

UserVoice effectively makes it harder for your organization to scale by adding more tasks and problems to solve. Other teams will see no benefits from using it.

Receptive allows you to give your customers a first class experience when it comes to submitting product feedback - this facilitates upsell and reduces churn. We hand you the key data and insights you need to develop your product to grow as an organization. With Receptive, you know that every team is working on things that are aligned with your strategy while also helping your customers be successful.