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Friend Or Foe? Are Product Roadmaps Really Worth It?

Product roadmaps can be an incredible communication tool but using them effectively and capturing the data that informs the roadmap in the first place can be a real challenge for product teams.

In this white paper, the research team at Receptive have explored how software companies use roadmaps because we are always amazed by the different approaches and attitudes we encounter.

Inside this free white paper you will learn:

  • How the stakeholders you talk to when creating your product roadmaps affect how positive your company feels about the document;
  • Why using deadlines in roadmaps can lead to confusion galore;
  • How sourcing data from inside your company is just as important as gathering information from external stakeholders;
  • How the method you use to create & maintain your roadmaps change their effectiveness;
  • How the role of roadmaps evolves as companies grow;
  • Top tips on using roadmaps effectively in your organization.