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  • Intercom Integration

    February 28, 2019
    New Feature

    Our Intercom integration enables you to capture customer demand and surface product insights from inside Intercom.

    This improves the efficiency of your product feedback process and ensures that no requests are lost through the cracks.

    “We love the fact that we can collect feature requests in the organic conversation flow. We hope to in the long run collect more feedback from customers as a result and not let those slip through the crack.” - Jonathan Schultz, Drivecentric

    With our integration, you can:

    • Add a feedback button to the chat window, so customers can submit feedback into Receptive without leaving the conversation.

    • Search for a relevant request and send your customers a link to it, so they can vote and comment on it.

    • Allow your customers to access Receptive’s unique slider system, enabling them to update their priorities as and when they choose.

    • Automatically provide customers with a link to Receptive using Intercom’s Answer Bot.

    Our Intercom integration helps you to collect all the data you need to make the best product decisions, while ensuring your customers have a truly positive experience.

    Learn more on our help docs here.

  • Customer Insights

    January 09, 2019
    New Feature

    Our Customer Insights dashboard is designed especially for Customer Success managers, surfacing key insights that help them understand which customers need their attention.

    It can be difficult for Customer Success managers to identify the most and least successful customers.

    At Receptive, we realized that the data we collect could highlight those customers for them.

    The dashboard shows a range of metrics, including the most engaged customers, account outliers, and the areas of the product that lead to the most churn.

    These metrics are designed to give CS managers easily digestible takeaways that they can use to focus their efforts.

    Receptive is a solution for the whole organization, not just for the Product team, and Customer Insights is one way of showing that.

    We hope you enjoy using it!

    For more information on how to use Customer Insights, head to our help documentation here.

  • Receptive has Now Been Translated into Dutch

    January 07, 2019
    New Feature


    Receptive has now been translated into Dutch.

    This is part of our Internationalization, which will currently includes French and Dutch, with German coming shortly.

    This is perfect for our Dutch or Belgian customers, or vendors who have Dutch-speaking users.

    You can now have the full Receptive experience in your first language.

    For more information on how to switch languages, head over to our help documentation here.

    Support for more languages is planned for the future.

  • Mention team members in comments

    November 14, 2018
    New Feature

    It’s now possible to mention team members in comments that you post on requests.

    This is a really quick and useful way of notifying them about something relevant, and maintaining discussions you have, without having to leave Receptive.

    To mention a team member, simply type the ‘@’ symbol and then start typing their name. You’ll see a drop-down with suggestions. Click the relevant team member and they’ll be mentioned in the comment.


    When you or another team member are mentioned in a comment, you will receive a Receptive notification.

    Mentions makes it even easier to collaborate with your fellow team members from inside Receptive.

  • Receptive has Now Been Translated into French

    October 29, 2018
    New Feature

    Parlez-vous Français?

    We’re pleased to announce that Receptive is now available in French.

    The language can be set individually by all of your team members and customers, ensuring that they can engage with Receptive in French if they would prefer to do so.

    For larger, multinational companies, especially those with large numbers of French-speaking users, this will make it even easier for your users to provide you with high-quality feedback.


    For more information on how to switch languages, head over to our help documentation here.

    Support for more languages is planned for the future.

  • Improve Receptive Jira integration by pushing all Request Form fields, attachments and comments into Jira issue

    September 26, 2018

    We’ve now improved the JIRA integration as requested. All of the information from a request in Receptive is pushed over to JIRA, including comments, tags, attachments, and the request ID.

    For more info, head here Thanks again for helping us to improve Receptive!

    NOTE: This was previously released, but we’ve updated this status to include a link to the help doc.