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Episode 8

Customer Training Best Practices & Quick Wins with Linda Schwaber-Cohen, Skilljar

About The Episode

This week, Aly talks with Linda Schwaber-Cohen, Training Manager at Skilljar.

Linda discusses her approach to training and onboarding, explaining how to first approach training calls with new customers, the importance of data, and what you should be focusing on.

Who Should Listen?

This episode is perfect for anyone in CS who:

  • Wants to improve their training program or even start to create one.

  • Is looking to learn how to offer value in those early interactions.

  • Needs to prove the effectiveness of their training.

Key Takeaways

  • Why content and delivery are so important.

  • What to focus on during training.

  • How to prove the effectiveness of training.

  • Scaling up and choosing the right tech stack.

  • How to create value from those first interactions.


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