Case study: Veeqo increase growth & engagement by allowing customers to influence roadmap

Veeqo is a fast growing SaaS business that helps ecommerce businesses manage orders, inventory and shipping. They have offices in Swansea, UK and New York City, USA. We interviewed Matt Warren, Founder & CEO Veeqo for this case study.

Veeqo logo

Veeqo knew they needed to get more feedback from their customers. Prior to Receptive, they had tried Trello and UserVoice but neither were built specifically for collecting prioritized feedback and their customers weren’t engaging with the tools.

Approach & Integration

Veeqo’s dev team completed integration in under two hours.

Veeqo put a small button at the very bottom of their application page to let customers know where to submit feature requests:

Veeqo's app footer, showing how they have added a button for customers to jump into Receptive to suggest features

Thanks to Receptive’s single sign-on integration, customers are sent straight to Veeqo’s Receptive dashboard without having to create an account.

Once they arrive they can suggest feature requests, vote on existing features (with the option to merge & comment on similar requests), browse the release log and view Veeqo’s roadmap.

To increase activity and show customers that they want their feedback, Veeqo regularly sends engagement emails from Receptive. These are personalized updates with a list of recently rolled out features, each user’s specific priorities and suggested features for them to vote on.


“Allowing our customers to influence our roadmap has helped us gain new customers and reduce churn, and will have a good long-term impact on our growth”.

Matt Warren, CEO & Founder at Veeqo

Shifting priorities

CEO Matt was immediately surprised to learn his customers’ true priorities, now that Receptive had given them a way to vote on “small” features.

Veeqo quickly moved to revamp their roadmap to include a number quick, easy features that made a lot of customers happy, instead of prioritizing the big, difficult features that some of the loudest customer voices had been requesting. Read more: Your silent customers have something to tell you.

Customer engagement

Engagement increased from 0% to 40%. A percentage of Veeqo users are super-engaged and log in to their Receptive account 3-4 times per day.

Impact on growth

By giving customers a voice & showing them that they can influence the roadmap, Veeqo was able to focus on what’s important and Matt foresees they will gain new customers and reduce churn with the insights provided by Receptive.

Saving time

Veeqo’s Customer Success team has seen a dramatic time saving since implementing Receptive. No longer do they need to point customers at Trello with a long list of instructions, with the possibility that features requests will be forgotten or lost. The team can now add customers directly to requested features and customers stay in the loop as features are developed and released.

Time savings by management and customer success teams

Task Weekly Time Saving
Collecting feature requests from customers 4 hours/week
Organizing features, going through feature backlogs 5 hours/week
Preparing reports 1 hours/week
Sending out customer updates 3 hours/week
Attending meetings related to feature requests 1 hours/week

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