How Veeqo Engaged 40% of their Customers by using Receptive

Thanks to Receptive, 40% of Veeqo’s customers are now fully engaged with the feedback process, helping them to build a better product.

Veeqo help eCommerce businesses to manage orders, inventory, and shipping, with offices in both Swansea, UK and New York City, USA.

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The Problem

Veeqo had a feedback problem. They simply weren’t receiving enough. Before settling on Receptive, they had tried out Trello and Uservoice but neither of those were built specifically for collecting prioritized feedback.

Their customers weren’t engaging with those tools, and Veeqo felt like they had no idea how to improve their product in the best way.

The Solution

Veeqo’s dev team completed integration in less than 2 hours, installing a button on their product that would send customers to the Receptive dashboard.

Veeqo's app footer, showing how they have added a button for customers to jump into Receptive to suggest features

There, the customers can leave feedback suggestions, as well as prioritize and discuss suggestions from other people.

Veeqo regularly send out engagement emails, personalized emails with each user’s priorities and suggested features for them to take a look at. This shows their customers that they want to hear from them and that they will listen to what they have to say.

The Results

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“Allowing our customers to influence our roadmap has helped us gain new customers and reduce churn, and will have a good long-term impact on our growth”.

Matt Warren, CEO & Founder at Veeqo

Customer engagement with feedback increased from practically nothing to 40%. That increase in engagement led to a lot of useful feedback.

Veeqo were shocked upon learning their customers’ true priorities. Receptive had given them a way to prioritize the smaller features that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. They revamped their roadmap to include these smaller features that would quickly and easily make their customers happier.

Not only that, but Veeqo have saved a lot of time when it comes to managing feedback. They estimate that they save 14 hours a week on tasks such as collecting feature requests and preparing reports, all thanks to Receptive’s automation.

Task Weekly Time Saving
Collecting feature requests from customers 4 hours/week
Organizing features, going through feature backlogs 5 hours/week
Preparing reports 1 hours/week
Sending out customer updates 3 hours/week
Attending meetings related to feature requests 1 hours/week

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