Case study: AgoraPulse reduce chaos & churn with Receptive

AgoraPulse is a SaaS business that helps thousands of companies gain social media fans & followers, monitor social activity, and measure & report on their social media accounts. Founded in 2010, they have offices in San Francisco, CA and Paris, France. We interviewed Emeric Ernoult, CEO for this case study.

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Emeric, along with his support and product teams, were receiving daily feature requests from customers with no way of tracking who requested what. When new features were released, notifying the relevant users was time consuming and often just didn’t get done. Realizing that customers weren’t aware of major features and releases, Emeric started searching for a solution.


Emeric turned to Receptive to manage feature requests, and integration took his team a few hours to complete.

A simple “Suggest features” link was added to their Help menu:

Which leads to their Receptive dashboard:

Agorapulse’s customers, product, and support teams all access the Receptive dashboard to submit and vote on feature requests and view the company’s recent releases and product roadmap.

For Emeric and his team, managing feature requests is now straightforward and friction-free.

The management team reviews new feature requests and user comments on a daily basis, giving feedback and responses wherever needed.

When the support team receives feature requests, they use Receptive to either create a new request or link the customer to an existing request. Customers automatically receive updates on their requests, freeing up support team time and resources.


“Receptive has helped us reduce chaos, reduce churn, and keep the right customers.”

Emeric Ernoult, CEO, Agorapulse

Improved efficiency

Receptive helps management, product, and support teams to save time collecting and managing customer feedback.

Data-based decisions led to a better product

Product decisions used to be made on gut feelings. Now decisions are data-based, helping Agorapulse build a better product.

A global consensus has helped across all internal teams

Supported by Receptive’s simplified and automated customer feedback, the tech team feels much better about their decisions, with a much higher satisfaction rate across all teams when feature requests are implemented.

Reliable tracking & communication improved customer satisfaction

Prior to Receptive, customers didn’t know if their feature requests had been taken on board or were being ignored. Now they know the status of all of their feature requests and they’re much happier with Agorapulse knowing their suggestions are being heard.

Increased transparency reduced churn

Now that Agorapulse has a public roadmap, customers who may have considered switching vendors now stick around if they know the features they think are important will be implemented in three or four months time.

“Not having any idea of where a company is heading forces customers out the door, while transparency keeps the right customers in. If a customer is considering leaving, but you have some important features on your roadmap, that may change their mind.”

Emeric Ernoult, CEO, Agorapulse

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