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How AgoraPulse Reduced Churn with Receptive

AgoraPulse were able to reduce their churn by managing feedback effectively, improving communication, and providing a transparent and up-to-date roadmap.

AgoraPulse help thousands of businesses improve their social media positioning, gain followers, monitor activity, and report on their analytics.

The Problem

AgoraPulse were receiving a lot of feature requests on a daily basis and they had no way of tracking who had requested what.

This made it extremely hard to communicate with customers and explain the features that they were building. It took too much time to hunt them down.

This led to customers churning, not realizing that their issues were in the process of being dealt with.

The Solution

AgoraPulse integrated Receptive within a couple of hours, adding a button within their product that takes their customers through to their Receptive dashboard.

All of their customers, product team, and support team are able to access Receptive and submit feature requests, as well as prioritize on those submitted by others. Customers can also view a release log and roadmap.

The management team now review new feature requests and user comments on a daily basis, providing feedback where necessary. Customers are automatically updated on any requests they may have, freeing up the time and resources of the support team.

The Results

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“Receptive has helped us reduce chaos, reduce churn, and keep the right customers.”

Emeric Ernoult, CEO, Agorapulse

Now that AgoraPulse have a public roadmap, customers who are considering churning now stick around. They can see the features that will be implemented in future and can base their purchase decisions on that knowledge.

Customers are also happier now that communication is automated. They now know that AgoraPulse are listening to what they have to say, and that their opinion is valued.

Finally, rather than making product decisions based on gut feeling, AgoraPulse can use Receptive’s insights to make data-driven decisions when it comes to improving their product.