6 Reasons Why Receptive is the Best Alternative to Canny for B2B SaaS

If you're looking for an alternative to Canny, you've come to the right place. Here are six simple reasons you should choose Receptive instead...

If you’re looking for a great Canny alternative, then you’re in the right place!

Canny is a lightweight feature request tracker with simple up-voting designed for small companies and startups.

If you’re a scaling or Enterprise B2B SaaS organization then Receptive is vital for you because…

1 - Receptive Offers Huge Value to your Entire Organization (Spoiler: Canny is Not “Cheaper”)

We have completely transparent pricing and it’s really easy to add additional team users at the point you need them.

Our CEO Dashboard gives you 24/7 access to all the ROI and engagement data you need.

Canny is extremely light-weight and offers a lot less value for the same number of users while giving you very limited functionality.

At Receptive you not only get a market-leading product built just for B2B SaaS organizations - you also benefit from a world class Customer Success team and market-leading resources.

2 - Problems Matter, Features Don’t

Product teams need to be empowered to understand problems so they can design the best solutions. In Canny, you are only asking customers for ideas and feature requests which often hides their real frustrations and pain points.

Receptive allows your SaaS product teams to design your product feedback form so they are capturing the right information including pain points, workflow issues and more.


Of course your teams and customers will have ideas and feature requests, but the Receptive form allows you to add the context around them. We have a ton of best practices available on feedback form design from our leading Customer Success team too.

3 - Voting Doesn’t Work, Prioritization Does

The way that Canny works is by having your customers suggest ideas and feature requests, and then voting on ones they want. This leads you down the wrong path and you will waste precious time and resources building the wrong things.

What if a customer votes for all of the ideas? How do you know who the votes have come from? How do you know which ideas they want the most? What if the votes are from people that don’t even use your product yet? All you’re left with is a meaningless number.

With Receptive, your customers, teams and prospects prioritize ongoing so you can capture what’s important to every user, team and customer account and also how their priorities change over time. All of this is broken out in one click in the reporting. We also restrict how much they can prioritize, so you know what is important and what is a nice-to-have.

When our attention was focused on making decisions based on revenue and how many customers needed something, we started making decisions we hadn’t in the past. By bringing those pieces of data such as MRR and priority to the forefront, we changed the behaviour of the product organization. - Aaron Rothschild, Director of Product Management at Influitive.

Receptive works as a better alternative to Canny simply because it gives your product team the information they truly need.

4 - With Receptive’s Reporting, you’ll have Business Super Powers

Canny’s reporting is extremely minimal, only allowing you to segment by a few predefined filters. This limits the usefulness of the data you collect.

Receptive, on the other hand, offers a whole range of different filters, completely customizable to your needs including a CEO dashboard showing your Receptive ROI and market-leading customer account insights.

You can segment by whatever you need and we even auto-tag the data for you as part of the simple and quick integration. Take a look at account value, industry, location, product area, customer account, job role and so much more.

The reporting enables you to dig deep into the data and understand prioritized product feedback from the right people and the right time. This makes it easy to align product development with your company strategy too. The whole organization knows you are building the best possible product.

5 - Sharing your Roadmap with Everyone Should Be Optional, Not Mandatory

Canny offer a roadmap in the form of a list of features that you have planned. Everyone has access to it and it’s public on the web too.

At Receptive, we believe you need control over what you share and that a roadmap should be visually exciting so it clearly showcases the future of your product. This keeps the right customers around, prospects excited and teams inspired.

Allowing our customers to influence our roadmap has helped us gain new customers and reduce churn, and will have a good long-term impact on our growth. - Matt Warren, CEO & Founder of Veeqo.

Sharing a single roadmap is rarely a good idea so we give you the ability to create the right level of roadmap for your different audiences. You can choose who you share it with and what’s included - you can even make a public roadmap if you like.

Oh and did we mention it automatically updates as items change status? This saves a ton of time and a lot of worry about roadmaps becoming out-of-date.

That’s why you can use our graphical roadmapping to easily add the items you’re planning. You can even make it public if you like.

6 - Receptive Will Delight your Customers and CEO

Implementing any new tool often results in a lacklustre uptake by your customers who need help understanding why they should bother.

With Canny, all you can do is ask people to log in and submit some feedback.

Receptive integrates closely in your SaaS product, no team or customer login is required and we offer tools within Receptive to help drive engagement.

Our engagement email, for example, can be sent out to your users showing them their current priorities and requests they might be interested in. They can then access Receptive through the email and start providing more feedback.

Here is the typical customer engagement you will get with Receptive:

Pasted image at 2017_03_27 01_00 PM.png

Your teams will love Receptive too. It dramatically increases efficiency across departments and your leadership team can track the ROI every step of the way with our market-leading reporting.