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How to Keep your Prospects Warm with Receptive

While it’s true that Receptive is often used by Product or CS teams, it’s also extremely useful for Sales teams.

Not only does it enable Sales people to easily store feedback they receive from prospects, but it also offers a way of keeping them interested in your product.

Here’s how you can keep your prospects warm with Receptive…

Capture Prospect Demand

Receptive isn’t just a tool for collecting feedback from your customers. Sales teams can also use it to capture demand from leads and prospects.

When you speak to a prospect, chances are they’ll give you some suggestions on things that are missing. Some of those suggestions might actually end up being deal-breakers, so it’s important to keep those stored up somewhere.

That’s where Receptive comes in. You can add a request to Receptive on behalf of your prospect. This does two really useful things.

One, it centralizes all of your feedback into a place that everyone in your organization can access.

Two, it means your Product team can see what prospects want from the product…

Give your Prospects a Voice

track prospect feedback

A lot of best practices surrounding product management focus on customer feedback, meaning that prospect feedback is largely left ignored and forgotten.

When you think about it, this doesn’t make much sense. Of course it’s important to consider what paying customers want from your product but your prospects are equally important.

If you start building the features they’re asking for, then you’ll close more deals. It’s that simple.

Receptive gives your prospects a voice. Rather than random notes, spreadsheets, emails, and even watercooler conversations, everything your prospects want will be in Receptive for your Product team to look at.

Not only that, but customers might want these requests too. Eventually, the most popular prospect requests will get built, and that’s when Receptive really shines…

Update your Prospects

Imagine that over the past six months dozens of prospects have told you that they won’t be buying your product because it’s missing a certain functionality, let’s say, an integration.

Today, that integration is released. There’s a big marketing push, sure, but how do you know if that will reach your prospects?

Luckily, you don’t have to rely on marketing to do that. You can reach out to them and explain that the integration they wanted now exists. You can re-open the conversation about buying your product, and this time you’ve got an ace up your sleeve.

Without Receptive, you’d have to manually keep track of who wants what. If you’re relying on a CRM for that it can get confusing fast, and eventually becomes so messy that you don’t even bother.

With Receptive, however, you can simply take a look at the request for the integration and see all of the prospects that wanted it. Then you can reach out to them and let them know it’s been released…

Keep your Prospects Warm with Receptive

keep prospects warm

Receptive enables you to keep your prospects warm by tracking their feature requests in one place.

This means your Product team can work on building the biggest deal-breakers.

When the deal-breakers are released, you can return to the prospects who needed them and kickstart the Sales conversation.

In a CRM this would take a lot of manual work and feedback would almost certainly be lost to the black hole. With Receptive, it’s much easier, more efficient, and can help turn cold leads into customers.