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Why we Built Customer Insights into Receptive

We have recently launched a new feature in Receptive called Customer Insights. It’s a new dashboard aimed at Customer Success professionals. It surfaces key insights about your customers, showing you which areas of your product often lead to churn, and which customers are most engaged.

You can learn more about Customer Insights by watching the video below.

While at first glance it might seem Receptive is aimed more at Product teams, we’ve always envisioned it as a piece of software that helps everyone in the organization.

Customer Insights provides benefits for anyone who needs to understand their customers better, but it’s primarily designed for Customer Success teams.

We’ve noticed a trend in the SaaS world recently. Customer Success is growing quickly, both in awareness and stature. SaaS companies are starting to allocate more resources into improving their CS efforts.

This made a lot of sense to us at Receptive. CS are ultimately responsible for preventing churn and for nudging customers into upgrading their plans. Essentially, CS are responsible for maintaining, and even improving, MRR. As we all know, this is a key metric that determines the success of a SaaS company.

We’ve called 2019 the year of Customer Success. We predict the importance of the role will increase even more in the near future. As more and more SaaS companies realize the influence Customer Success can have on the success of their business, it will become a key component of any organization.

Receptive has always been a product that benefits Customer Success teams. They have the existing relationships with customers and so they’re often the first to hear any feedback that is submitted. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to pass that feedback on to the Product team.

With Receptive, it became easier to collect the most relevant, up-to-date data and enable Product teams to see it and use it to make their decisions. But we decided we could do even more to help Customer Success teams… Enter the Customer Insights dashboard.

The Customer Insights dashboard was borne out of the realisation we’d had about the rising importance of Customer Success. It occurred to us that all the data our customers were already collecting with Receptive could be used to provide key insights into their users.

We thought about the kind of insights that CS professionals would find useful, and then we built Customer Insights around those.

Receptive is able to show you which areas of your product commonly lead to churn, so you can work on improving those areas. It highlights users who often get what they ask for, so you can reach out and develop your relationship with them further, to the point they become advocates of your product.

Ultimately, Customer Insights is designed to make Customer Success easier, surfacing data-backed insights that help you to provide the best possible customer experience. We believe that every SaaS company should aim to do exactly that.