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Product & Roadmap Update: Internationalization, Intercom + More

Released Product Improvements

Jira integration updates: Seamlessly send all data from Receptive into Jira

What is it?

When you change the status of a request in Receptive, an item is automatically created in Jira for you. We used to pass the title and description but now all the information is included so you have the full details in Jira without the need to review the item in Receptive.

Why this matters to you

Full request details are in Jira saving time for your teams - no more checking the request in Receptive.

Get started now

Full Jira integration and videos details are here. Get set-up in minutes!

Minor changes to make Receptive better for you

We’re constantly working on small improvements to make Receptive better for you. If you are a customer, login to check our release log. Changes include:

  • Sort by Date on the “Browse” tab
  • Show case the ID on the Request page
  • More advanced report filters

Coming soon…

Internationalization - use Receptive in multiple languages

We are soon to release full support for different languages in Receptive. Have the entire Receptive experience in the languages that you and your customers need.

Intercom Integration - get more product feedback

Integrate closely with Intercom to allow customer product feedback to easily get into Receptive.

Customer Success Dashboard - full reporting on customer product feedback

Want to know which customers are getting what they need? Why accounts churned? Who is the most engaged? We have you covered… look out for more on this soon.

Get involved

We love received comments on what we are working on. If you are a customer, log into your account and add / prioritize your requests.

Here’s our Product Feedback Policy outlining how we use product feedback to make the best possible product.

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