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Why we use Agorapulse for our Social Media Marketing

Here at Receptive, all of our marketing efforts come through the content we create, and then promoting it on social media. That means that we have to take it pretty seriously, and make sure that we’re using the best tools for the job.

We recently decided to test out Agorapulse. They’re good friends of ours and we wanted to see if their product could help us improve our social media marketing.

After a week or so of using Agorapulse, we were delighted to find that it was well worth making the switch.

Here’s why…

Repeating Content

Agorapulse have a really neat feature that allows you to set content to repeat. You choose how many times it should repeat and how often. Then Agorapulse does the rest.

The reason this helps us so much is that it allows us to more efficiently schedule the same content to go out. This ultimately means we’re making more noise on social media and the compounding effects of repeating content will serve to send more people to it.


Listening Up

Social media isn’t just about talking, it’s also about listening. Agorapulse isn’t just about scheduling your content. It also enables you to keep your ear to the ground and listen in to conversations.

As creepy as that sounds, it’s extremely useful. If someone mentions ‘Receptive’ or ‘feedback’ or ‘SaaS’ or whatever we set up a search for, then we get a nice little notification in our inbox and we can see if it’s something worth responding to.

Measuring Progress

Of course, none of our social media efforts mean anything if we can’t see how well we’re doing. Agorapulse provides analytics reporting on the key social media metrics and displays pretty graphs so you can easily monitor your progress.

We can instantly see our analytics for a given period of time, and identify how our following and engagement has (hopefully) improved. The built-in reporting makes our lives a lot easier and means we can track our efforts accurately.

Overall, we believe that making the switch to Agorapulse makes sense for us as a business and will help us go from strength to strength with our social media marketing.