5 Reasons Why Receptive is the Best Alternative to ProdPad for B2B SaaS

If you're looking for an alternative to ProdPad, you've come to the right place. Here are five simple reasons you should choose Receptive instead...

ProdPad is a lean solution to the product feedback problem and is aimed at all types of business. It’s an excellent day-to-day tool for product managers but it is focussed on helping small teams to organize their product backlog, roadmap and customer feedback.

But there are several reasons why Receptive makes a fantastic alternative for B2B SaaS companies…

1 - Receptive is Designed Exclusively for B2B SaaS

ProdPad isn’t aimed at a particular demographic. It serves product managers in all industries.

From day one, Receptive was built for B2B SaaS companies. We understand what a B2B SaaS organization needs to make informed and strategic product decisions and this has a huge impact on the success of our customers:

“When our attention was focused on making decisions based on revenue and how many customers needed something, we started making decisions we hadn’t in the past. By bringing those pieces of data such as MRR and priority to the forefront, we changed the behavior of the product organization.” - Aaron Rothschild, Product Director at Influitive.

We’ve always focused on what B2B SaaS companies need - whether it’s the product itself, our thought leadership, or our incredible Customer Success service - and we always will.

2 - Product Managers Shouldn’t Prioritize

While ProdPad encourages customers to submit ideas, all that ends up doing is increasing the size of your product backlog, and let’s face it, it’s big enough already. There’s no way of knowing what your customers want the most. What is a critical pain point? What is a nice-to-have?


Receptive enables your customers to refine and update their priorities ongoing, ensuring you know what are “nice-to-haves” and what are “deal-breakers”. You design your own feedback form so you can capture pain points and be safe in the knowledge that your product team is getting the information they need to create the right solutions.

“Receptive makes it easy to go in and interpret the data. You don’t need to know every single number and metric. Just run the reports for the top ten. Then make a decision.” - Simon Westlake, CEO at Sonar Software.

This extra data is what sets us apart from ProdPad and it’s why we’re a far better choice for B2B SaaS companies who want to start using data to make product decisions.

3 - Dig Deep Into the Data, Don’t Simply Scratch the Surface

There are certain questions that B2B SaaS companies need to ask themselves, often involving key metrics. For example: “What do our enterprise customers in the financial sector want the most?”.

ProdPad is unable to provide an answer to those sorts of questions, instead offering basic reporting that barely scratches the surface of what you need to know.

Receptive offers comprehensive reporting on key metrics such as MRR, product area, company size, location, industry, and many more. This enables you to segment your data depending on your current strategy and goals.

“Receptive has helped us reduce chaos, reduce churn, and keep the right customers.” - Emeric Ernoult, CEO at Agorapulse.

4 - Engaging your Customers Gives you Better Data

If you want your customers to engage with ProdPad, i.e. login and submit ideas, vote on ideas, etc., then you have to manually reach out to them through email or social media. This is incredibly time-consuming, and that’s assuming it actually works.

Receptive enables you to send engagement emails that are fully personalized to your customers, showing them their priorities and ideas they might be interested in. You can send these emails with a click of a button.

This saves you a whole load of time and effort, and encourages your users to provide more feedback, meaning you get better data.

5 - What’s the ROI of Managing Product Feedback?

One of the key issues faced by B2B companies is that they need to be given an idea of how much ROI they’ve gained from a product.

ProdPad have no way of demonstrating how much time and money you save, meaning either you have to hope it’s worked, or you have to manually calculate it yourself.


At Receptive, we’ve built in a CEO Dashboard, that shows you a breakdown of time saved, money saved, and overall ROI. With Receptive you can rest assured that you’re saving a lot of time and money across your organization.